Bert Obernosterer – Lecture – ‘Weekend Warriors Assemble – how to prepare for competitions while having an actual life’

Damn, a tournament is coming up in 5 weeks! I got this important deadline at work, and the city trip with my loved one is also around the corner! How to prepare with the limited time I have, without getting booted out of work and/or the bedroom? No clue – let’s ask Bert, maybe he got an idea…


Training for a competition is tough. And increasingly so the older you get. When you are working 9 to 5 and managing some kind of family life too, time and energy can be scarce. In this lecture we will explore concepts about preparation with limited resources at hand. We will talk about motivation, the overall approach towards competition, expectation management and the setting of realistic targets. Please note that the advice presented to you in this lecture has no basis more reliable than my own meandering experience.

About the trainer – Bert Obernosterer

This is Bert. 

Don’t get fooled by his youthful appearance and good looks, for he is one of the longest serving members of Dreynschlag. He doesn’t fence much these days, but has been competing in grappling and BJJ events ever since 2008. He is supposed to wear black around his waist, but enjoys flamboyant leggings and matching rashguards instead.

Since the midlife crisis is burning bright in him, he still refuses to wrestle among his peers (other old men), but prefers to take on opponents that could easily be his sons (which hopefully they are not – his memories of the early 2000s are already a bit fuzzy and keep fading away in the mist of time).