Bernhard Seidl – Workshop – ‘Exploring Überlaufen in Peter Falkner’s longsword manuscript’

Can’t decide whether you like Longsword or Messer more? Why not Messer up your Longsword with Peter Falkner?

Weapon: Longsword

Source: Peter Falkner, ca. 1495

Despite describing an effective and coherent system based on applying pressure and forcing a decision dilemma on the opponent, Peter Falkner’s treatise has remained widely unregarded. The system’s inherent tendency to close the distance may well have been inspired by Lecküchner’s aggressive Messer fencing, and indeed we can find many instances of Messer techniques adapted for the longsword in the manuscript. In this workshop I will focus on the most prominent of these techniques based on Überlaufen (“going over”) from a bind – a central concept in Lecküchner’s Messer.

Skill level of Participants: Any

Basic knowledge of topic or system is needed: Yes

Needed Equipment: Longsword simulator – Feder or similar

About the trainer – Bernhard Seidl

Bernhard is trainer at Dreynschlag and likes Messer so much it is having a bad influence on his longsword fencing.

He also likes to train with sharp weapons and is convinced that the first cut is the deepest.