Bernd Matusche


Weapon: TBA

Source: TBA

Skill level of Participants: TBA
Needed Equipment: TBA

About the trainer – Bernd Matusche

Bernd Matusche was born in 1957 in Fürth / Bavaria. After his school years he started an apprenticeship as an electromechanic and worked in quality assurance until 1995. In 1995 he changed to the company Motiva DV. as a system technician. From 2000-2020 he was employed as a network administrator and EDP supervisor at your educational institution in Ansbach, since 2021 he is retired.
Bernd has been involved in the historical European martial arts since 2007. He acquired his first experiences in the fencing school “Lebendige Schwertkunst” of Wolfgang Abart. He is a founding member and 2nd board member of the HEMA association “Schwertbund Nurmberg e.V.”. Since 2011 he is a trainer for the long knife and dagger.
Currently he is engaged in armor fencing