Arto Fama – How to train your Dragon Longsword

 A structured approach to training Longsword, using building blocks to improve your way of moving.

Weapon: Longsword

Teaching online during the Pandemic showed me how important it is to describe movements clear and simple. In this workshop we will work through my approach to training Longsword.

Growing as a swordfighter requires information, the chance to try things out, mess it up and feedback to get back on track. That is exactly what we will do. By breaking movements down into bite size chunks, full of brightly coloured detail, you can explore how you move and why. We will cover a range of drills that varies from basic movement in isolation to sequence in partnered-drills.

  • Isolated movement patterns
    • Rowing, Hinging: moving the forearms in relation to the upper body
    • Footwork: Step, Pass, Jump
    • Rotation: turning the upper body from side to side
  • Single movements and transitions
    • Right Oberhaw, Transition into Left Oberhaw
    • Thrust
    • Winden: switching to one of the Hengen positions
    • Zwerchaw
  • Duo exercises
    • Chaining movements together into easy to train sequences
    • Providing feedback as a training partner or coach
    • Create chaos to provide a challenging and fun learning environment

It will be very helpful if you as a participant know what these archetypal fitness movements look like:

Row (Bend over/Seated), Squat, Lunge, Push-up, Overhead/Shoulder press.

If you are looking for ways to structure your training and improve your movement, this will provide you with a step by step approach to do just that.

Skill level of Participants: All skill levels
Needed Equipment: Reading the workshop description. This will help me greatly in our conversation and training during the workshop.
Mask with back of head cover, throat guard, chest protection/jacket, Federschwert, light/medium gloves.

About the trainer – Arto Fama

Swordfighting has been a part of my life for more then half of it by now. Connecting with other people and exploring new ways to move, teach and train is something I enjoy immensely. The past 18 months, this has been a great challenge. Teaching online was a humbling experience, it showed me how much ground there is still to cover in describing my approach to Longsword.

I am striving to be the most technically skilled longsword fighter in the world. Performing clean and consistent techniques makes me stand out from the crowd. In any given tournament it is my goal to win according to my own standards. The main purpose of tournament participation for me, is to validate my system. In the past years, receiving the technical award on several tournaments has been highly motivational.

Winning to me is: staying close to my interpretation and beliefs, staying close to myself. Using the tools I know to be effective under any given circumstance. Speed, power and dedication can take you far, but only so far. Swordfighting taught me to plan and decide before engaging.

When fighting, I only focus on what truly matters. One action at the time. Continue and pursue it’s true intent, with all my heart, until it has fulfilled it’s purpose and the time has come to let it go. Switch to the next action and never quit.

I started training in 2005 and became a teacher in 2007. In the past 16 years, I have grown into an international instructor and tournament competitor. Besides the weekly trainings at Zwaard&Steen, I provide event workshops, full weekend seminars and private tuition around the world.

The wish to share the discovery of new possibilities is what drives me as a trainer. When all of a sudden the realisation hits that something is now within your grasp, eyes light up with a sparkle. This sensation is among the most exciting in the world and making it happen makes me truly happy.