Arne Koets

Arne Koets started HEMA from a re-enactment background after he was introduced to the historical material at the Royal Armouries in Leeds back in 1998. He started interpreting the material from what was available with his group in the Netherlands, being one of the first Dutch HEMA enthusiasts. Very early on this involved armoured and pollaxe techniques in particular, next to the more usual pursuits of long sword by Ringeck and other sources as they became available. Arne studied Jeu de la hache and Fiore early on with the pollaxe and later focussed more on the German Material. From 2001 onwards Arne has also studied mounted combat, primarily medieval, augmented by his international jousting career and historical dressage training at the Fürstliche Hofreitschule in Bückeburg. Arne now is a significant proponent of mounted HEMA worldwide. Over the years Arne has taught workshops, did displays as well as organised and fought in armoured foot tournaments worldwide. Arne hosts both the Roßfechtensymposium as well as the Harnischfechtensymposium at his home in Lauchröden, Germany.