Arne Koets – Lecture – ‘How mounted fencing changed my perspective on True Times and Tempo’

A little look through tactical decisionmaking, biomechanics, semantics, geometry and defense.

About the lecturer – Arne Koets

Arne started HEMA proper after seeing a display at the Royal armouries in 1998 after several years of LARP and Re-enactment before that.
Having become aware of the existence of fencing manuscripts from the armouries he began reconstructing techniques with his friends, in 1999 he became the main trainer of his group in Delft, the Netherlands.
From 1999 he included a lot of Harnischfechten and Pollaxe into his interests and from 2001 involved mounted fencing and jousting.
In 2004 he became a full time jouster and swordfight practittioner, jousting internationally In 2006 he moved to the UK and started working as a rider/interpreter at the Royal armouries in Leeds, and joined a local HEMA group there in his spare time too.
Moving back to the Netherlands in 2009 and worked for the Dutch army museum, he again was instructing several groups of HEMA fencers.
In 2011 he moved to Germany to learn and ride at the Princly School for Riding Art in Bückeburg, where he also taught fencing. This is where the mounted fencing he had been working with for 10 years really got a better foundation.
From 2012 he became an international teacher of both HEMA and riding art, teaching in 19 countries on 3 continents.
In 2016 he moved to Lauchröden having bought a knightly manor where he now hosts the Roßfehctensymposium as well as the Harnsichfechtensymposium yearly, and trains his horses for mounted fencing, jousting and medieval maneuvres and still earns his keep with clinics all over the world.
Side project involve organizing jousts, 15th century milsim events (Feldlager) and the abovementioned HEMA events.