Alexander Klenner – Workshop – “Pressure and distance management for Meyer’s staff techniques”

Pressure and distance management for Meyer’s staff techniques & how to be able to use every part of the staff successfully in a fight.

Weapon: Staff

Source: Meyer’s Manuscript 1561

We will take a closer look at one or two Winden techniques from the manuscript, interpret them to understand the steps and then adapt and try to work out ways to close the distance without getting stabbed in the face by a not so passive opponent. We will learn to maintain pressure and keep up a direct threat in order to limit the options of our opponent and stay relatively save.

Skill level of Participants: All skill level
Needed Equipment: Staff. Mask is helpful, gauntlets optional.

About the trainer – Alexander Klenner

My name is Alexander Klenner, born January 1979. Came to swordy stuff over the interest in the middle ages, was disappointed by the things he found at medieval markets and discovered the new founded group Zornhau in the early 2000s, has never looked back.

My main interests are Langes Schwert, Stange/Hellebarde and all weapons of Harnischfechten, and to all those topics I’m teaching and learning as well, be it as a trainer for Zornhau, or at events in Europe or even China.

I’m no tournament enthusiast, and like my HEMA old school, very close to the sources while keeping it martial and stress tested.