Alexander Kiermayer – Two`s Company – Sword and Dagger of Joachim Meyer

One weapon is simply not enough!

Weapon: Rapier & Dagger

This workshop will deal with Joachim Meyer`s sword and dagger. In the 16th century the sword was often worn in conjunction with a dagger. While not a primary focus of his system, Meyer still describes how to use the dagger together with the sword if the need should arise. We will have a look at the three rules he describes for fencing with sword and dagger and will work with different drills and applications for these rules.

Skill level of Participants: 3 upwards
Needed Equipment: fencing mask, Rapier simulator (If you don`t have a Rapier, a simple arming sword will be o.k. for this system), dagger simulator. Preferably also a fencing jacket, gloves and forearm guards.

About the trainer – Alex Kiermayr

Alex Kiermayer is a founding member and trainer of OCHS Historical Fencing and heads the OCHS training group in Pfarrkirchen, Bavaria. He has trained and taught diverse martial arts since 1987 and began to seriously study HEMA around 1999. In his research he focuses mostly on martial arts of German origin but also on Bartitsu. Alex is author of several instructional DVDs on Medieval German longsword and Messer combat as well as on Bartitsu. 
He has written two books on Joachim Meyers fighting system and taught diverse aspects of HEMA at martial arts seminars throughout Europe.