Adrian van Bronswijk – Winning the Superior Bind

A groundwork oriented workshop for developing your binding and Zufechten skills – knowledge that will easily translate to different weapons as well.

Weapon: Longsword

Source: Liechtenauer and related

Over the course of numerous different HEMA workshops in the past years I realized a certain lack of understanding the basic rules of creating good Vor (and Indes) situations that mostly breaks down to weak or unreliable binds on the opponent’s blade. In this workshop I want us to take a good look into what actually makes a good strike and a strong bind. It will be mostly groundwork oriented but should provide insight and potential for developing your sword skills in general for every skill level.

Skill level of Participants: Basic knowledge of the stances and how to strike is needed. While mostly blade work oriented, we will go for light to medium contact with cuts and thrusts.

Needed Equipment: Longsword, covered mask and throat piece

About the trainer – Adrian van Bronswijk

Adrian got into HEMA in 2008, after having dabbled in different martial arts since his early teens. Few months in, he already knew he’d want to go all the way. In 2013, Adrian finished his fencing teacher’s degree at the German Academy of Fencing (ADFD) and founded his own fencing school in Lüneburg, north Germany. With his background
as a PE/Sports teacher, his focus lies in good biomechanics and healthy execution of the HEMA sports, while always looking for the martial foundations of sword fencing arts. Expect a workshop with keen observation of your physical, biomechanical and mental approach. – He will do his best not to make it an overly academical excess, tho. 😉