Tea Kew – Workshop – ‘Fencing from the Sweeps’

Could Ringeck’s plays from streychen be the key to understanding how Liechtenauer created the art?

Weapon: Longword

Source: Ringeck, MS Dresd.c.487

In the afterword to Ringeck’s gloss, there are a series of extra techniques that start from the ‘streychen’ ‐ a rising sweep or slash with the sword from a low position ‐ which are normally overlooked when people study this text. This workshop will introduce participants to these plays; look at the mechanics and timing required to use them successfully; and examine how they can help us understand the process by which Liechtenauer’s fencing art was created.

Skill level of Participants: All skill levels
Needed Equipment: Longsword, mask, gloves and throat protection. Jackets recommended.

About the trainer – Tea Kew

Tea is part of the coaching team at New Cross Historical Fencing in London, after being the curriculum designer and Lead Instructor for Cambridge HEMA. Their primary area of study is Ringeck’s longsword gloss, aiming to incorporate historical study and modern sports science to produce robust, well‐founded interpretations. Tea has also worked extensively on training HEMA instructors and referees to help support clubs and events. Tea has taught 40 workshops at events across the world, including HEMAC Dijon, Longpoint and Festival of the Sword.