Dear Friends of Dreynschlag and the Dreynevent!


As we all need certain milestones for planning events or our lives in general, we want to inform you about an important next step concerning the organisation of the Dreynevent 2022.

Of course, we all hope that the event will happen as planned and we are working on it as if there were no swords of Damocles hanging over our heads (in form of the COVID-19 pandemic).Nevertheless, we also must keep in mind the “worst case possibility”, meaning that maybe future legal restrictions might ruin our efforts.

The date for our final decision (if we go on with the planning of the event, or if we will grudgingly have to cancel it altogether) will be November 15th 2021.

We will inform you around this date about the further approach. As said, at the moment we are still planning with full motivation and optimism, but as we say in German; the devil does not sleep, so better be prepared!

With best regards,

the Dreynschlag-Crew



International HEMA-event in Vienna/Austria

Dreynevent is an event for Historical European Martial Arts taking place in Vienna since 2004. We provide workshops and lectures with instructors from all over Europe as well as a longsword tournament. This event is organized by “Sportunion – Die Liechtenauer Fechter” also known as “Dreynschlag“. See you in Vienna in February!


We want you to have a pleasant stay in Vienna

Since the very first event in 2004 we have a very good cooperation with a youth hostel in the 20th district of Vienna close to the event facility.
Guided tours
First time in Vienna, not too familiar with our city or just don't want to go on your own? We provide guided tours on Friday and on Saturday from the youth hostel to the evening location.
Evening locations
Hungry and thirsty after all day fencing? Want to make new friends in the HEMA community? Join our evening events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!
First aid
Every fencer knows: Unfortunately injuries happen sometimes. Therefore we have an experienced doctor at the training facility.
Do you visit us by car? No Problem! We can provide several parking lots at the Dreynevent-Facility. But better don't be too late ...
Public transportation
Travelling by plane or train? The training facility, evening locations and the youth hostel can be easily reached by public transport.


You can find us at Wexstraße 19-23, 1200 Vienna

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