There will be 2 tournaments this year: A longsword tournament and a sabre tournament.

Tournament information

How to register for the Tournaments?

More infos coming soon!


More infos coming soon!

When and where will the fights take place?

All elimination rounds up to the semifinals and finals will have to take place until Saturday 13:00! There are no separate timeslots during workshops so make sure you will have enough time left to fight. We cannot offer a separate hall for the elimination rounds, so you can use the sparring hall but only one tournament fight at a time (because other people want to do sparring too).

During lunch break and during demonstrations/lectures you can also use the halls 3 & 4 upstairs.

You are responsible to finish all your fights on time before the semifinals and finals on Saturday!

Judges (for longsword)

Up to the semifinals and finals everyone you ask can be judge. The required number of judges for each round will be specified in the rules. Judges for the semifinals and finals will be defined by Dreynschlag.

Is there anything to win?

This is a fun tournament so we don’t award any prices.

Maybe we will throw in a silly hat or a beer or something if you are lucky 😉