Stefan Dieke

Stefan is a German HEMA pioneer and works as a professional HEMA instructor. He runs "Alte Kampfkunst", a fulltime HEMA-school located in Wuppertal, Germany. There he teaches Sabre, Longsword and Bartitsu / Cane as regular classes and gives seminars in these and some other historical weapons, like rapier, staff and dagger.

He started 'swordfighting' in the early 1990s and began working with historical sources at around 1995. After looking at various treatises from the 16th c. he finally found "his" first source: Joachim Meyer's "Gründtliche Beschreibung der Fechtkunst ..." from 1570. For three years he worked on developing his interpretation for Meyer's Rapier system. From there he moved on to english sabre, But then he realised, that there was nobody else in Germany - outside his own group - who he could fence with in Rapier or Sabre. Thus he started looking into the Liechtenauer tradition of the long sword which now seems to be his everlasting love. Besides giving seminars internationaly, he taught at a number of the most prestigiuos HEMA events worldwide, like WMAW, Dijon, ISMAC, SWASH, the Australian Historical Swordplay Conferencen, the Paddy Crean Workshop, Dijon … and the Dreynevent 😉

Having been member of several HEMA organizations his motto finally is "No politics – just swordsmanship".