Špela Šalamon

Coming from a background of eastern martial arts (mainly Karate), Spela discovered HEMA in 2011 and despite well-intended advice from wiser people never looked back.

She studied the German tradition Longsword and Dagger under the pitiless mentorship of the renowned HEMA veteran Igor Sancin and learned some Ringen moves from the talented Gregor Medvesek. Very soon, she discovered the joys of HEMA events and has been regularly left without motivation, funds or leave days for actual vacations ever since.

In the summer of 2015, she was against her better judgement cleverly maneuvered into teaching Longsword, Dagger and the basics of Ringen to a HEMA group in Maribor (Slovenia). Moving to Graz (Austria) in late 2016, she began training with INDES in mainly Sabre and Rapier, and occasionally Sword&Buckler, Polearms and Messer while also continuing to teach in Maribor and train with her perennial coach Igor in Celje.

Among the HEMA circles, she is known for being the HEMA doctor, her deep dislike of using protective gear, eating a lot more than her size suggests, and always going for the weirdest weapon workshops.