The reasons behind vom Tag devices

Andrea Conti 

With the following seminar we will analyze the strategic and tactical use focusing on a fundamental guard in the German longsword system: the vom Tag, according Joachim Meyer's view.

Although since the texts chronologically closest to Liechtenauer this guard has been considered for its importance one of the four basic postures [Vier Leger], the vom Tag is definitely the one that had some adaptations as demonstrated by treatises in the following centuries.

To be directly inspired from the Stucken is the best way to understand the strategic and tactical value of this guard in Meyer's system. Therefore, every movement will be split explaining its sense. In addition, comparisons with the other weapons will be shown and (where necessary) some ideas even going beyond the written words of the swiss Master will be explained, while remaining consistent within his system.

Needed Equipment:
1600N fencing mask + nape protector; Any fencing jacket;
Light gloves for good mobility and sensitivity of the hands, enough to defend them in case of accidental blow.

Skill level of Participants:
Basic knowledge of Kunst des Fechtens.