Özgen Senol

Özgen "Ossi" Senol is an expert and teacher for Escrima as well as for the Italian knife- and stickfighting tradition. Further he has a master degree in Rantai Kung Fu which he is practising since now more than 25 years.

In 2001 he started to study the Serrada Escrima from maestro Roberto Laura, from whom he has also learned the Italian knife fighting tradition (first the northern Apulian school and then, since 2012, also the school form eastern Sicily). Concerning the Sicilian shepherd-stick tradition his actual teacher is maestro Orazio Barbagallo, president oft he ASAMIR, an Italian association that takes care about the popular fencing traditions of the Mediterranean island. Özgen

"Ossi" Senol is one of the head-instructors for TIKF (Traditional Italian Knife Fighting) in Germany and the main ASAMIR respresentative for the Bavarian region.