Keeping the Vor – better reactions due to slower footwork

Stefan Dieke

The sources of the Liechtenauer-tradition tell us that we should strive gain the 'Vor', i.e. to deliver the initial attack but also to accept the 'Nach' if the opponent deals the initial blow.

People generally object to being struck by a sword. Thus - if they are quick enough - they will react to the threat of an incoming blow in one way or another. This class will focus on how to deal with these reactions to keep the 'Vor' - in other words: your reaction to your opponents reaction to your initial attack.

There are two key components to the proper reaction. 'Fühlen' tells us what is the correct reaction. Controlled footwork permits us execute this correct reaction while overcommitted footwork prevents us from reacting properly.

Needed Equipment: 
Longsword, mask, gloves, throat protection, groin protection.

Skill level of Participants: 
All levels welcome.