Julien Garry

HEMA instructor from De Taille & D’estoc since 2010, and member of HEMAC since 2012, also member of the administration board of the french HEMA federation. Studying mainly french HEMA of the XIX/XXth century, like bayonet fencing, lance and sabre, on foot but also mounted, with a work group of riders.

He teaches and practice bayonet and sabre methods during the De Taille et d’Estoc “XIX century HEMA” training sessions, and leading a work group on boarding fight between the XVIII and the XIX century.

He is also a researcher from the University of Burgundy, and working on "War Fencing" in France from the Revolution to the first world war, and he published a HEMA book about bayonet fencing in 2016, La baïonnette, Histoire d'une escrime de guerre. He gives workshops about sabre and bayonet in some european HEMA-event since 2012, inluding workshop with horses on the EHEMAG event or Rossfechten Symposium event.