It’s a trap!

Cor Kronenburg

No, this will not be lightsaber by Admiral Gial Ackbar, but we will practice the setting up of traps for your opponents to step in. How can you manipulate the distance and timing of the fight to lure your opponent into doing something he thinks will lead him the victory. When all the while you direct him to his inescapable demise. We will include techniques from Johannes Liechtenauer and Joachim Meyer. With techniques in the Vor, Nach and Indes.

This longsword workshop also teaches you to recognize traps set by your opponent (even if he does it unknowingly) and how not to fall for them.

Needed Equipment: 
Longsword/feder (preferably steel), mask, neck protector, chest protector, gloves. The rest is otional!

Since the last part of the workshop will be dynamic exercises on higher frequency/speed. Because we want to practice our newly gained knowledge in “realistic” scenarios. Wear what makes you feel comfortable.

Skill level of Participants: 
All levels are welcome, knowledge of basic strikes/thrusts is useful.