Boarding fight before and during the Napoleonic period, or „How to kill a pirate?“

Julien Garry

Mainly based on the manuscript of ltd Pringle Green, and the works of J. de St Martin, and some other secondary sources, in this workshop i will try to show and teach how soldiers and sailors can fight during a boarding action (against soldiers or pirates), in the late XVIIIth century and during the Napoleonic war.

The sabre is the main weapon, but we also learn some technics with smallsword against sabre, sabre against riffle, and sabre with pistol.

After learning some techniques from sources, i will try to show the chaos of a boarding action with some group fight exercice.

Needed Equipment: 
A sabre, short or long (as you can have). Strong protection gear (mask, jacket, gloves, legs and chest protection if you have)

Optionnal gear: A smal-sword, a coat, a pistol simulator, a riffle with fixed bayonet simulator, a board axe, a spear... I will bring some pistols and riffle simulators for people who don't have it.

Skill level of Participants: 
Beginners or sabre-familiar