Hans Heim

I began my martial art career twenty years ago with philippine martial arts.

After nine years I finally got in contact with “Der Kunst des Fechtens”. The first contact has been a seminar about showfighting with medieval swords. This has been not enough for me, so some friends and I hosted a seminar with John Clemens in Munich. This has been my personal kick off with swords.

After establishing “Ochs-historische Kampfkünste e.V.”, still one of the biggest clubs about medieval martial arts in Germany, making one (not so much impressing) video and three (this time really good ones) DVD´s about the use of the Langes Schwert and the Langes Messer, a lot of seminars, 14 years of training with Langes Schwert, Langes Messer and Dolchkampf.