Get into the flow – but do it slow

Karl Rapp

Based on Capoferro's style of rapier fencing this workshop will try to teach you that you can normally be quite slow while fencing rapier (which is good for a workshop in the morning) and that your focus should not stay on being faster than your opponent, or on hitting your opponent as soon as there's a possibility to hit. It's rather about being and staying in control, keep yourself safe, knowing your options for every situation, and slowly but firmly limit your opponents possibilities until he can't escape anymore or makes a mistake. And then you have to be fast, very fast. But only then, the rest of the time you can be quite lazy 🙂

Needed Equipment: 
Rapier, light gloves, mask, gorget, jacket, chest protection and cup.

Skill level of Participants: 
Intermediate, it's definitely no beginners workshop!