Falko Fritz

Falko Fritz (*1976) started historical fencing in 2007, joined Hammaborg - Historischer Schwertkampf in 2008, was elected into the executive board of the club in 2009 and founded a study group on langes messer the same year. He instructed workshops at Dreynevent, Swordfish (among other), he is co-author of G. Zabinski's English translation of Lecküchner's messer treatise (Cgm 582) and a member of HEMAC since 2011. Over the years, the messer group at Hammaborg developed into the beginner's training of the club. There Falko continuously teaches the basics of longsword, langes messer, polearms and harnessed fencing.

In 2014, Falko was elected as vice-president of the International Federation of HEMA (IFHEMA). The international cooperation between practitioners and the translation of further sources into English are important aspects of his engagement. For example, Falko was involved in the translation of texts into modern German and English in Dierk Hagedorn's edition of the Lew the Jew fightbook (Codex I.6.4°.3), which was published in the summer of 2017.