Luis Dodinho’s montante

Jan Gosewinkel

The Montante/Twohander is a weapon specialised in the fight against many. So it is wielded in continous, smooth circular motions, involving the whole body. We will focus on the special biomechanics and the logic of movement, which is necessary to keep this tall weapon circling. Besides this "basics", we will have a look at some "core"-techiques of the system: the fight in a surrounded situation for the application in a free play. Here we will learn turns, jumps and spinning jumps with the montante.

Needed Equipment: 
A sword or waster with a handle ca. 4 hands wide, alternatively a staff ca. 1,5-1,8 m long (a staff of propper length whould be better than a sword which is too short). Fencing masks are not really necessary, but maybe usefull at some point.

Skill level of Participants: 
General blade skill: 3-10 (there is no specific montante knowledge necessary, but a basic skill of body- and blade-controll is needed for the complex turning&jumping)