The Civilian’s Sabre

Alex Zalud

While the French developed a system of cane-fencing that centers around whipping strikes and the footwork of Boxe Francaise Savate, the Italian fencing-master M° Giannino Martinelli based his system on the military sabre. His system is that of a military man using a civilian's weapon – a cane in place of a sabre.

In this workshop, we are going to explore this system, using the drills of Martinelli in a self-defence environment and combining his methods with those of the sabre-method taught by M° Blengini.

Needed Equipment: 
A cane (wood, GFK, CFK – a simple wooden dowel may suffice), gloves (sparring gloves may be a good idea – canes can hit pretty hard), fencing mask.

Skill level of Participants: 
Some basic knowledge of either cane or sabre is beneficial.