Alwin Goethals

Alwin Goethals is the founding member and head instructor of SwArta (Belgium). He’s a multiple black belt holder, being involved in martial arts from when he was age 9. Out of his interest in ancient and medieval history, Alwin started studying and practicing HEMA in 1999 and founded SwArta in 2006. He is practicing and promoting HEMA since and has had the opportunity to teach at some of the major HEMA-events in Europe (Dreynevent in 2013!).

His main study is directed at understanding the nature of violence, digging into philosophies related to martial arts and pursuing realistic self-defence rooted in tradition. Whilst training and teaching different HEMA’s, he’s dedicated to continuously broaden his expertise in longsword, dagger/knife and unarmed combat. In his daily life, Alwin works as a detective for the Antwerp Police Department, having been a part of its arrest unit for about 10 years.